March 2014


Tour de delight

Curated eclectic cultural tours through Chennai? Sign us up

Not lost in translation

Here you go—software can now be translated into various languages without making changes to the source code

Career gains

An edu-venture attempts to ease the search for universities for higher studies

No road blocks

A new service helps commuters in India find their way through its traffic snarls

Analyze this!

As Twitter grows bigger, so does the need of platforms that intelligently analyzes tweets


How you go out is as important as how you go in

Control vs cash

Determine the right percentage of equity to trade for an investor’s dollars

Polls and startups

With entrants from India Inc, these elections are looking a whole lot like the world of startups

New money

Is the Bitcoin the new currency to do business with?

How to find your first 50 customers

Don’t aim for a million customers in the first year