March 2014

Varun Sheth (left) and Kunal Kapoor, Co-Founders, Ketto

SEBI Guidelines on Angel Funds Needs Tweaking

SEBI Got Primary Intent Right, Secondary Aspects Wrong

Waiting on the boom

India’s mobile gaming industry is showing more activity than ever before. But is that going to translate into big business?

The company man

What’s the deal with corporate venture capital?

The un-office

New workplace trends include movable walls, outdoor spaces and sometimes no office at all

The way of the Lion City

India has a target of skilling or upskilling 500 million people 2022. It can learn a lot from Singapore about how to achieve it

Add the spice to your tiffin with SpiceBox

With this e-tiffin service, Mumbai is now closer to home for its urban migrants

How to make your website really work for you

There is no need to update your site daily

The art of alignment: Harshada Sawant

You will find many similarities when you draw parallels between yoga and entrepreneurship

Like playing a game

Build your business in the same way as you would play your favorite game