March 2014

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Of cabbages and kings: Nandini Vaidyanathan


Talking business not only means being focused on the goal but also shedding off undesirable behavioral traits

‘Inspiring is a combination of actions’: Nandini Vaidyanathan


What makes a good speech is what the listeners take away from it

Woo your customers: Nandini Vaidyanathan


It is important to know your buyers and to know them well

Co-founders and married? Conduct yourself right!


Overview on how married partners should conduct themselves as co-founders

Till business do us apart! : Nandini Vaidyanathan


When a husband and wife are co-founders, it is essential that they define their roles to best avoid hassles

When is the right time to be an entrepreneur?


No one can know the answer to that other than the individual willing to take the plunge

Nandini Vaidyanathan’s take on what will and won’t happen in the entrepreneurial habitat in the next 4 years


Crystal gazing into the entrepreneurial landscape and finding what is desirable and what is not

Repeat performances: Nandini Vaidyanathan


The art of seducing the customer has to be consistent

Why women undersell themselves in business


It’s time they stood up to be counted

Big guys don’t own the street anymore!

Nandini V

Nandini Vaidyanathan says startups can focus on aspects that large organizations don’t and thus beat them in the game