March 2014

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How to make the perfect cold call


When done the right way, it can bring your company some good business

Hire a CEO for Your Business

For an entrepreneur, getting someone to manage your business
could be a tough but wise move.

Create a Balancesheet

Summarizing your company’s assets and liabilities, the financial statement is indicative of what your company owes and owns.

“The first 2 years are critical to your success”

A startup needs people who are driven by a desire to succeed.

Get foreign investment

India has become a hub of foreign investment today. Here’s how you can obtain it.

Track Productivity

Do you want to know who is working and who is slacking without being a spy? Here’s what you should be doing.

Form a Joint Venture

A JV involves companies pooling assets together to create a new enterprise for a specific business purpose.

The Show Stopper

Ajit Andhare’s Colosceum Media is disrupting the normal flow of things in the television industry.

Lure top talent from big businesses

Here are five easy steps to do this

To Professionalize or Not

Deciding on this at the right time is critical to the success of your business.