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Apply for a Fire NOC

Fire prevention is achieved by implementing engineering at the planning stage of any building. Today, it is imperative for almost every industry to obtain clearances from its local fire department.

While getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for fire is a city or state subject, the provisions fall under the ambit of the Petroleum Act, 1934, the Explosive Act, 1884, and Gas Cylinder Rule, 1981. It has to be obtained from the Chief Fire Officer of the respective domicile.

To obtain an NOC, an establishment has to initially apply for a provisional form. A provisional fire NOC will ask for details such as:
* Name and address of the applicant
* Classification of the building(s)
* The total built-up area

The documents needed at this stage are:

* Two sets of all drawings in metric system, which should include the block plan, the typical floor plan, the elevation plan, etc.
* Payment of the fire protection fund fee
* Brief note on activity of the plant with a process flowchart
* Brief note on the fire prevention and protection measures proposed by the company
* Block plan of the company should give the details of the main entrances, other entrances to the plot, the surroundings of the plot (such as any other company, road, etc), marginal space, approach roads around the plant, capacity of the underground water storage tank, and other details regarding the transformer yard, utility block, storage, tank farm area, storage of hazardous gases, etc.
* The elevation plan and typical floor plan should show the exits, fire escapes, distance along the travel line, terrace level water storage, location of the fire duct, fire extinguishers, hydrant system, sprinkler system, alarm system, etc. It should also have details of the basement, subbasement, the ventilation system and exits.
* List of raw material and finished goods with their quantity and location of their storage place should be marked on the block plan
* Details of the centralized AC system and provision of fire dampers should be included
* Copies of approval taken from government agencies like the Chief Controller of Explosives, Excise Department, Gas Authority, etc.
* Copy of registration and license of the company
* An architect’s certification of the plan

A provisional fire NOC is cleared within 30 days. After that, the application for the final fire NOC takes place:
* At the time of getting the Building Completion Certificate from SPA
* For storage of gases and petroleum products, solvents as per the Explosives Act, 1884, and the Explosives Substance Act, 1908, the Explosives Rules, 1983
* As per the Petroleum Act, 1934, and the Petroleum Rules, 1976
* As per the Gas Cylinder Rules, 1981, and the Static & Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) Rules, 1981

The application should contain details of the business and the name and address of the applicant. You will need the receipt of the payment of fire protection fund fees and compliance of the provisional NOC (site inspection will be carried out by representatives of the fire department). The final NOC should be issued within 60 days. If it is not issued by then, the company or establishment can apply for a Deemed NOC to the Chief Fire Officer under the prescribed format.

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